The journal «Economics of sustainable development» publishes fundamental theoretical and practical researches in economics

                                 The journal is included in the additional list of peer-reviewed scientific publications                                                                                                                                                From the list recommended by the Ministry of education and science of Russia (approved by the decision of the academic council of Moscow state university on October 29, 2018)


The journal is included in the “List of leading peer-reviewed scientific publications in which the main scientific results of dissertations for the degree of Candidate of Sciences, for the degree of Doctor of Sciences (07/18/2019)” should be published in the following branches of science: []
08.00.05 –Economy and management of the national economy (according to the branches
and spheres of activities) (economic sciences);
08.00.10 – Finance, Money circulation and credit (Economics);
08.00.14 – World Economy (economic sciences).

The journal has a unique DOI (Digital Object Identifier) index

Audience: researchers in the sphere of economics; university teachers and students; analytical departments of enterprises, corporations and banks; heads of federal, regional and municipal authorities responsible for the economic policy development.

Pages of the journal reflect:

  • professional analysis of economic transformations course in Russia;
  • regional economy;
  • global economy;
  • enterprise economics, problems of ownership, small business, corporate governance;
  • monetary, investment and structural policy;
  • social sphere;
  • economics of industry markets, antimonopoly policy;
  • agro-industrial complex and agriculture economy, etc.

Founder: Krasnodar Regional public Organization “Public Academy of Innovative Sustainable Development”

Publisher: Krasnodar regional public organization “Public Academy of Innovative Sustainable Development”

Publisher: printing house “Rymar’ N.S.”. Address: 350912, Krasnodar, st. Fadeeva, 278.

Periodicity of the journal: quarterly.

The subscription index in the catalog of the Russian press “Russian Post” — PA221