The journal «Economics of sustainable development» publishes fundamental theoretical and practical researches in economics

The journal is included into the List of leading reviewed scientific journals and editions that are known for publishing basic scientific dissertation results of aspirants completing for doctor’s, candidate’s and master’s scientific degree (revised from 18.07.2019) []

ISSN 2079-9136

Audience: University professors, graduate students and undergraduates, researchers of different fields of economic activities.

On the pages of the journal:

  • regional economics;
  • economic theory;
  • professional analysis of the progress of the economic reforms in Russia;
  • world economy;
  • microeconomics, problems of ownership, small business development, corporate management;
  • monetary, investment and structural policy;
  • social services;
  • branch, antimonopoly policy;
  • history of economics;
  • rural economy, economy of agricultural sector, agribusiness, agricultural industry etc.

Founders: the Krasnodar regional public organization “Public Academy of innovative sustainable development”

Publisher: Krasnodar regional public organization “Public Academy of innovative sustainable development”

Periodicity of the journal: quarterly (4 issues per year).

Subscription index in the catalogue of the Russian press “Mail of Russia” — 14792

Phone contacts: +7(903)4586686 — Anastasia.
Additional phone contacs: +7(861)279-41-86; +7(861)279-41-89