Dear authors!

Before the publication of the work, the next steps are taken:

  1. The editorial board of the journal checks the manuscript and e-mail emails authors the edited materials of their articles to clarify and correct any inaccuracies in the layout and editing.
  2. The authors make corrections using red font and send the corrected material to the editorial office.
  3. Then the materials go into work to the proofreaders. If the proofreaders have questions, the editors contact the author to solve them.

Post-graduate fees are not charged for the publication of manuscripts.

The editorial board does not pay the authors remuneration for materials submitted for publication..

The editorial office sends electronic versions of published articles and content with the title page of the journal in which the article is published. The printout of this material can be presented in the specialized council for the theses defensing.

For the publication and timely preparation of the journal it is necessary to fill out the registration card of the participant, presented on a separate paper and in electronic form.

Registration card of an author of the article submitted for publication in the journal «Economics of sustainable development»
Last name (Russian/English) Name (Russian/English) Middle name (Russian/English)
The full title of the article (Russian/English)
Academic degree Academic rank Position with the indication of the department, department, laboratory
E-mail Office telephone/Fax Home address and phone number


Technical requirements for the material

The materials provided:

1) should be relevant::

  • new (not previously published);
  • have scientific and practical significance;
  • should be evident;

2) should have:

  • key words (phrases), reflecting the main direction of research (at least 5 words or phrases), for example: the Economics of sustainable development, ecological balance, economic and environmental interests, etc.;
  • illustrative materials (formulas, tables and diagrams);
  • tables and figures must have a binding to the text, numbering, theme heading (for tables) and captions (for diagrams);
  • bibliography, at least 5 sources in Russian and English.

The minimum size of the article is 6 pages. Format A4, headset Times New Roman, font size 12, single line spacing.


All materials should be emailed to the editor electronically in MS Word format to


You also should attach the following information to the paper:

  • the title of the article (Russian/English);
  • information about the authors with indication of last name, name and middle name, academic degree, academic rank, position, place of work, a contact phone number for communication with the editors, email address(Russian/English);
  • abstract; the purpose of the abstract is to give the reader a brief description of publication, to disclose its purpose, i.e. to answer the question: what the article is about; there’s no sense to write one paragraph from the introduction as the abstract; the abstract is about 7 rows and must contain the subject, the object, the purpose, objectives and summary of the research paper (Russian/English);
  • bibliography, minimum 5 sources (Russian/English), key words or phrases that reflect the main direction of research (at least 5 words or phrases);
  • bibliographic references; if the reference is given to a specific fragment of the text, please, specify serial number according to the list of bibliographic records and pages on which subject of the reference is placed, the information is separated by a comma (for more details, please go to our website, References Execution page);
  • footnotes not related to the list of references should be cross-cutting; endnotes are not allowed.